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Are You Out There?

We’re inundated with it since childhood, the concept of true love.

Snow White sings, “Someday my Prince will come”…

Cinderella is rescued by her Prince Charming and lives happily ever after….

Even Sleeping beauty’s Prince appears from her dream world into reality to wake her…

And we wonder why as little girls we grow up with the concept of finding our one true love.

The truth is that I think I used to believe in it too.  Its been so long, and I will admit that after broken relationships I’ve become a little jaded about the concept of “one true love”.  At this point I’m just wondering if there is even someone compatible out there for me.

I’ve been told endless times that God has the perfect one for me, and as much as I want to believe it, the truth is that I just don’t know if I do.  Maybe my faith is running low.  Maybe doubts have taken over.  Maybe I’ve lived in the fallen world too long…or maybe its all three.  I struggle with that statement everyday that passes.

So, I will end this post with the question I proposed in the title:

Are You Out There?

Single during the Holidays

For me the most difficult time of the year to be single is during the Holidays.  Add on top of that my family and close friends living a million miles away, and it’s just downright depressing.  I want to remain positive and in high spirits, but the truth is sometimes its just hard to get through the day.  While everyone is putting up Christmas trees, decorating their houses, watching Christmas movies, and sipping on Egg Nog… I am over here in Anti-Christmas land just trying to catch a glimpse.

Yes, this is my calling and I gladly choose it…..but I just wish that he (my future husband) was here choosing it alongside me.  Its been almost 10 years on the field alone, and I’m beyond ready for a change.  There’s a Christmas song that Mariah Carey sings called, All I Want For Christmas Is You….. and its really, truly the one and only thing I want for Christmas this year.

I’m sending my Christmas list directly to Elohim this year, after all… Santa Claus doesn’t make stops in Israel (I think he knows where he’s not wanted).  I mean, come on!  This is the Holy Land, right?  Shouldn’t our Christmas list requests be top priority??? hehehehe

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