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Happy Birthday, Sis!!!

Today is Feb. 1st, my sister, Kristy’s birthday!  I won’t say how old she is in respect to her (and to me, since I’m her older sister) hehehe.  In honor of this fabulous day, I’m gonna tell you some of the things that make her an amazing woman.

1. She has the most giving heart of anyone I know.  She doesn’t take, but gives, and does it out of love.

2. This quality spills over to Micheal, her son (my nephew).  I’ve never met any child who has such a generous and giving spirit, and that says so much about her as a mom.

3. She is a single parent and does an amazing job!  I know its difficult for her, and she wouldn’t say this herself…so I have to say it for her:  She is a great mom!!!!!

4. She loves her family!  Even through all the problems and issues we’ve gone through together as a family, she never gives up on any of us (especially with my little brother and sister).  

5. All this being said, she is one of my biggest and most loyal supporters.  Every month she gives me more than I deserve to get in financial support.  She is a single mother, working full-time, with a middle-school child, yet she manages to faithfully support me…above and beyond what most supporters give.  She puts many people to shame!

6. She is now addicted to 24, and I cheerfully take full credit for that 🙂  We now both love Jack Bauer.

Kristy:  I love you and miss you tremendously!!!  May this day and new year bring more blessings to you than you ever dreamed of.  Seek God with all your heart each and everyday.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let new people in….you’ll be blessed if you do.  Now go out and celebrate your birthday, even if I’m not there to do it with you. 🙂 Love you!!!!!



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