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Last night we went to my brothers softball game (in which they won the championship, by the way… Congrats!) It brought back memories for me of playing and being a part of a team like that.  I really haven’t played any type of organized sports since about college, and I realized last night that I kinda miss it.  Living on the mission field, there aren’t many opportunities to play sports.  Once in a while in Brasil we would play beach volleyball or futebol, but just for fun…not as an organized team.  I never played any sports in Africa. I love living on the mission field in other countries, don’t get me wrong; but there are certain things you give up in doing so.  I honestly haven’t missed it like this until now, but I guess thats because I haven’t been around it.  Now that I’m actually in the mix of going to games again, its bringing it all back.  I guess I better enjoy it while I can!  🙂

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