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Capturing Moments: South Tel Aviv Levinski Park, Sept. 2010

One of my favorite little kids who come to Monday Night Basketball Outreach… isn’t he just a cutie!?!

Monday Nights are for Basketball

I am getting ready to branch out and start something new.  Next Monday will be the first day of an Outreach I’m putting together for all the refugee kids in the South Tel Aviv area…. Monday Night Basketball.

There is a huge park in our area where ALL the refugees hang out, and it also has basketball courts. I have a couple of friends helping me out, and I’m pretty excited to see how it all unfolds.  At the same time, I’m a little nervous too.

I have no idea how the turnout will be or how the kids will respond.  I’m hoping that we will have lots of kids show up, but there’s just no telling if that will happen.

So here’s my request: Could you all just say a little prayer for this new adventure?

* An awesome turnout.

* Safety.

* Communication. I’m the only one who speaks Hebrew out of the group, so it might be a bit challenging for me at times.

* Open Doors. I’m really hoping that this outreach will open doors for future endeavors.

* Fun. Overall, I just want to bring some fun and enjoyment into these little lives.

I actually won something!

I am pretty excited about the fact that I won 5th place in the NCAA March Madness Tournament put on by Catalyst this year.  There were over 1,000 people who participated, so 5th place isn’t too shabby.  I even won some prizes.

The cool thing is that I was the only girl in the top 10!  AND, not to mention I had not seen a single game all season.  I just filled out my brackets and away I went.  

I actually fill out brackets every year on ESPN.com, and this year as well, but I didn’t do AS well over there (just ok).  I guess thats where all the extreme basketball fans go.  But I must say, after waking up in the wee-hours of the morning, to watch some of the tourney games (4:00am for the final) I think I deserve to win at least something; so I am going to bask in this glory as long as I can!!!!!

Soon to be me…

A couple of weeks ago (before this war consumed every part of our lives) it was super windy out, so all the wind-surfers were taking full advantage.  I went to the beach for a walk and couldn’t resist taking a picture of the excitement….this will be me soon!  I am determined to try it, since I never did in Rio.  I’m just gonna wait for the weather to be a little warmer though.  I’m more of a summer wind-surfer girl! 


MSU Football

I told my sister today during our excursion to the MSU football game that the one thing I really miss about living outside the US was attending sports games.  My family has always played or watched sports, and its been such a part of my life since I was young.  Going to Detroit Tiger, Piston, Red Wing, and Lions games were highlights for me.  Then in college all my ASU games became a staple…I even went to a few Phoenix Coyotes and Suns games while in Arizona.  For anyone who is a sports fan, going to live games are just so much more than watching them on TV.

So, when my mom called up and said she had scored 2 free tickets to the MSU football game this afternoon, I couldn’t turn it down.  No….MSU is not my team, but since I went out of state to Arizona State for college, I feel like I have free reign on rooting for all the Michigan teams without betraying my own (I equally root for U of M as well).  My sister and I went and had a great time.  The seats weren’t the closest, but we could see just fine. (I think I got too spoiled by sitting right on the sidelines at ASU)  I’m just glad I had an opportunity to go to a game before I have to leave again…..Go MSU!!!  (by the way, they won 42 to 10)


Last night we went to my brothers softball game (in which they won the championship, by the way… Congrats!) It brought back memories for me of playing and being a part of a team like that.  I really haven’t played any type of organized sports since about college, and I realized last night that I kinda miss it.  Living on the mission field, there aren’t many opportunities to play sports.  Once in a while in Brasil we would play beach volleyball or futebol, but just for fun…not as an organized team.  I never played any sports in Africa. I love living on the mission field in other countries, don’t get me wrong; but there are certain things you give up in doing so.  I honestly haven’t missed it like this until now, but I guess thats because I haven’t been around it.  Now that I’m actually in the mix of going to games again, its bringing it all back.  I guess I better enjoy it while I can!  🙂

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