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It’s that time of year!

Morning ritual:

6:22: alarm goes off (and I press snooze)

7 minutes later + another 7 minutes later: its ringing again

6:45: I’m finally up-ish. boil water for coffee. do morning stuff. 1st cup of hot coffee 🙂 hmmmmmmmm

7:35: leave for school with 2nd cup of hot coffee in my take-away mug.


Summer has arrived (or is slowly arriving) so I’m losing my 2nd cup of take-away hot coffee and replacing it with an iced-cafe when I get home!

Even as I’m sitting here typing this blog, I’m sippin on my Iced-cafe…

Anyone else as excited as I am for warm weather and Iced-cafe’s???

Summer Shower Poll

I haven’t done a poll in a while! Now that summer is upon us and the weather in the states has finally caught up with us (its been consistently HOT here for at least a month) my poll is going to reflect the type of shower you take (not quite brain surgery, but it runs a close 2nd).  

When its super HOT outside, do you still take HOT showers or do you take COLD ones?  

On twitter I admitted that I took my first COLD shower EVER last week, and since then I’ve taken many more.  Soooo, here we go……cast your vote:

Capturing Moments: Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Summer is quickly approaching…the sea of blue umbrellas is starting to appear on the beach.

dsc_88501(Picture taken by Dudu Azoulay)

Summer Fun…Can U Guess What This Is?

My mom took a picture of this in her backyard, and I zoomed in to get a better view. Take a good look…don’t be shy, what do you think it is????

It's broccoli...congrats on those who guessed correctly!!!

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