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Mediterranean Monday (ok its Wed.): It’s Jellyfish Season!

jellyfishDuring the months of July-August, we are bombarded with the pesky creatures of the sea, aka…Jellyfish!  They come invading our Mediterranean bliss on their way up north towards Lebanon and beyond.  

We are reminded that they are not dangerous or deadly, but can cause bad burns on the skin where they touch you (try telling a child that they are not dangerous after he/she has just been burned).  

This morning I went to the beach to do some of my “light reading: Iraq to 1958“; this way I could break up the monotony with a few swim breaks.  Low and behold, there were jellyfish in the water.  Personally, I did not get stung, but a young girl did (and made sure the entire beach knew about it).

It reminded me of when I was little and we would take our yearly family vacation to Florida to visit my grandparents.  One year we were at the beach and a jellyfish wrapped itself around my mom’s arm.  I’m sure that she could tell the story better, as I only remember bits and pieces; but I do remember not wanting to go back in the water after that.  It was a really bad sting, and my dad had to get a trash bag in order to grab and pull it off her arm. 

So when you go to the beach this summer, be careful!!! Its an underwater jungle out there….

Any other jellyfish stories floating around??? Mom: you might want to fill in the missing parts….

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