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Volcano Taco Eating Contest: The Rematch!

I know you have all been dying to find out what happened with our annual Volcano Eating Contest while I was in the States.  Well, wait no more….here are the pics and results of the rematch (the 1st contest I won hands down, here is the recap in case you missed it) We started with one taco, and moved on to the Ultimate Volcano Nachos.  The jalapeno peppers they put on there were a killer, plus we added lots of HOT sauce to spicen-up the contest.

DSCF2505DSCF2508DSCF2510DSCF2512But in the end, after the last nacho chip was eaten, we had to declare it a tie!  We both lasted without water for quite a while after.  I guess my little Micheal (who isn’t so little any more) has managed to catch up with me FOR NOW!  I’m determined to win back my SOLO TITLE of CHAMPION… I guess we will just really have to add some super spicy extras next round!

Volcano Tacos

Taco Bell has a new promo taco called the Volcano Taco.  We saw a commercial the other night for the new taco, which was made out to be this burning, spicy, blow steam out of your head type of hot.  Micheal and I decided to have a Volcano eating contest. We would both eat the taco and whoever had to take a drink first looses. We were both pretty pumped, but after eating it, we were both disappointed….it wasn’t very hot at all.  We needed a new strategy.

Round 2:  We decided to go at this contest from a new angle.  We still would eat the Volcano Taco, but this time with the hottest-hot sauce added to it.  Then if we finished the first one, we would eat another one. Here’s how it played out:

Here we are getting ready to begin the competition:

The first bite: (notice the impressive unity we have with our bites)

More eating:

Micheal in pain and ready to give up any minute:

And he finally does:

Which makes me the WINNER!!!!!

All I have to say is that I LOVE me some hot and spicy, so don’t mess!  The best part of the entire competition was being able to drink my beloved Guarana, from Brazil.  Priceless!

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