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Our Generation

I was skyping the other day with my childhood friend, Jodi, who just had her first baby… which led us to the topic of raising children… which led us to reminiscing about our childhood.

We both agree that we were soooo lucky to have been born when we were, still the “simpler” times, but leading into the “technology” era. Kids today have NOOOO idea what it was like without cell phones, email, SMS-ing, X-Box.. etc.  And while all those things have made our lives a bit easier (and lazier) we couldn’t resist wishing that our children could experience childhood as we did:

  • When EVERY kid either walked to school or rode a bus… no parents driving them to and from school.
  • Running home after school to ride bikes with your friends around the neighborhood and play kickball in the yard, until you knew it was time to come home for dinner.
  • Rollerskating in the garage, pretending to be at a roller rink, with music booming from a boombox the size of a tire.
  • Spending your Friday night at the actual Roller Rink.
  • Making tents in the backyard out of blankets draped over the clothesline.
  • SPUD. (if you don’t know that game, you definitely didn’t grow up in my generation)
  • Spending 2 hours of your night out, driving around looking for your friends, because there was no way to contact them once your left the house. (but having a blast while you did it!)
While I could go on and on with my memories, the point is that even though we are only one generation away, we are truly WORLDS away… and while technology is a great thing, and I LOVE it, I also long for the simpler days of the past as well… when we got all our exercise from just living and being kids! 
Here I am feeding the ducks in the park with my dad (who will just LOVE that I posted this pic!), my grandma, and my aunt. (Or are we being attacked by them?!?)
Any special childhood memories of the simple times??? 

Technology Free

As you read in my previous post, I am heading south for the winter…. well, just 4 days… and not so much winter, but end of summer. Usually when I travel I take my laptop with me, so I can be connected to the outside world when possible.  This time I am purposely leaving him behind.

No Blogging

No Twitter

No Facebook

No Email

I know! It’s only 4 days! But, 4 days without any communication can be a long time when you are accustomed to it everyday; therefore, this will be so good for me.  I need it.  Too much is going on with me, my family, schooling, finances, ministry etc. that I feel like this time away from all methods of COMMUNICATION is something that is completely necessary for my mental, spiritual, and even physical health.

I’m sure you’ll all survive without me for a few days, and some of you might not even notice I’m gone…. and when I do return, I hope to be refreshed, renewed, and ready to travel again! Until we meet again…

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