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The Final Countdown

The wait is over.

My bags are packed.

I’m on my way.

I’ve been waiting for this day for over a month now… as the anticipation has grown, so has the list of things I am looking forward to during my visit.  My flight leaves today, and after 12 hours in Paris, I will continue my journey back home.  Here is my Top 10 List for What I’m Looking Forward To Most:

10. Fall! The colors of the leaves, smell of the night, and a bit cooler weather (though not too cool, I hope!)

9. American Football! There’s nothing like college football games on a Saturday afternoon.

8. Mexican food! Enough said.

7. Speaking of food….The sequel of The Volcano Taco Eating Contest with Micheal, my nephew!  I’m giving him another chance to redeem his loss from last year. (in case you missed it the first time around)

6. Riding my mom’s horses with her!

5. Not having ANY Hebrew classes for 3 weeks!

4. Taking LOOOOOONG, Hot showers! Not having to worry about the water crises and going beyond our limit.

3. Caribou Coffee! (or Starbucks as my backup)

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s! (or anything Pumpkin for that matter)

1. Spending time with my FAMILY! This is what I want MOST!

Top 10 Memories of Africa

I am already being asked by many what my favorite or most memorable Africa experience has been.  As I sit and reflect back, its difficult to just pick one or two. There are so many wonderful, incredible things that happened, so I decided to pick my top 10.  I have blogged about some of them, but feel free to go back and enjoy the memories with me again.  Here goes… Letterman style:

10. My trip to Cape Town:  Mountains, Ocean, Beaches, Penguins…awesome!

9. Grocery shopping with Rishelle for Teen Mania.  500 loaves of bread, kg’s and kg’s of rice, mealie-pap,  and lots and lots of shopping carts.  We had some great laughs. 

8. Safari’s: elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras…I never get tired of seeing these amazing creatures.

7. Easter Conference in Namibia: traveling with youth on a mission trip…you’re only asking for awesome memories there.

6. The houseworkers asking for Bible’s: I will never forget the look on their faces and the bond we experienced that day.

5. Hungry, Hungry Hippos:  If you don’t remember the story, click here.  Personally, I will NEVER forget it!

4. My time at the Refugee Camp in Dukwe:  It was my first experience at a Refugee camp, and one that changed my heart for refugees.  

3. The summer of breakdowns:  From the outreach trucks to R2, there wasn’t a moment that someone wasn’t on the side of a road out in the bush; while sleeping there in the middle of the migration pattern with Teen Mania kids had to top it off…. which leads me to #2

2. Rat in the gastank:  This has to be one of the all time great stories of breakdowns.

1. Samaritan’s Purse Day:  An image that will stay with me forever.  Seeing thousands of kids opening up their shoeboxes filled with small tokens and the smiles on their faces.  Priceless!  

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