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Tuesday Nights are 24 Nights!

This Sunday is Jack’s big two-night return….season 8 of 24!  24 is by far my favorite show, and its the ONLY one I actually buy the season pass on Itunes for.

All my years of living outside the States, I never felt compelled to buy season passes. I had friends in Africa who would buy the season passes of Lost, Heroes, The West Wing; but it wasn’t until I got hooked on 24, when I decided I couldn’t wait for the DVD’s.

Last year was my first ever season pass, and this year I’ve already downloaded season 8.  I justify it as the one “perk” I’m allowed to splurge on while I’m away from everything else.

So, while Monday nights might be when you’re enjoying Jack over on your side of the pond, Tuesday nights are mine. (It doesn’t download for us until the final west-coast showing has been played).  Finally, a good reason to look forward to a Tuesday 🙂

any other 24 fans out there?????


The blending of two foreign words to form a Hebrew one, thats the charm of external cultural influence here.  

There is a channel on TV called Yesababa.  It is like the Family Channel in the states, playing kids shows and family movies etc. but all in Hebrew.  On all the movie channels, all the films are still in English, but with Hebrew subtitles. I discovered this channel not too long ago, and I really like it.  For one, its all in Hebrew: forcing me to listen and pay more attention; and for another: its just good stuff on there.

So where does Yesababa come from? Yes is obviously an English word, and also happens to be the name of the Cable Company that runs the TV shows here. Sababa is an imported word from Arabic, meaning cool, awesome, its all good, type thing. Its become so popular in Israel, that most don’t even know its not a Hebrew word.  

Blend the two words together and you have Yesababa…the cool TV channel that your whole family can enjoy! (and me too!)

I ❤ Jack

24If any of you really know me, you know that patience is not one of my strong points (FYI: I am working on it and increasingly becoming more patient).  Anyways, that being said, I made a splurge of a decision the other day to NOT wait to see the new season of 24 whenever it is that I am back in the states again.  My dad was DVR’ing the episodes, but it could be years (who really knows) until I am able to actually watch them.  Not to mention all the people (aka: my sister) on fb who consistantly update their status with 24 information.  

EX: “24 tonight, can’t wait!” or “what an amazing episode last night!” etc.

Enough is enough.  So I subscribed to the ‘season pass’ and download the episode each week.  Who cares if I have no money for food as long as I have my weekly intake of Jack Bauer….right?!? (I know, that might be a little over the top with exaggeration, but it was a costly dime for the entire season.)

I am currently on episode eight: 3:00-4:00, only seven behind everyone else.  I guess we all have our weaknesses, and this is mine.  (Though, I do believe that knowledge such as using my SIM card to create a device in which I am able to control traffic lights and signals will be a huge benefit to me one day.  I am in the process of perfecting my skills as we speak.)

Oh… And yes, this is a picture of one of my ‘flairs’ from fb.  I think I’m bordering on obsession now…..

Chanukah, Day 8: Final Day, The Holiday Armadillo

Its the last day for us, here in Chanukah land, so I’ll end it with one of my favorite clips of all times, The Holiday Armadillo.  I just can’t resist!  Hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through Chanukah! 


Back on track (Season 3)

I’m back to watching Alias again, and this time I’ve sucked 2 more people into my addiction…my sister and nephew.  We rented season 3 the other day, and last night started watching it.  I had to quickly catch them up on seasons 1 and 2, but after that we were off and running.  We stayed up late watching the first 2 discs, and would have watched more if it weren’t for tiredness creeping in.  Now my nephew is all about running around with his Nerf guns shooting anything he can, Alias style (or so he claims).  Hiding behind walls, creeping around the house, guns in hands, and singing the background music.  We are in full training mode here!


There are many adjustments you must make when you go on the field as a missionary, and one of them over the years has been getting used to the lack of entertainment….or shall I say, American entertainment. I have not had a TV for the past year and a half, no movie theater, no radio station, sporting events etc. You find ways creative ways to make up for these losses; most popular being DVD’s.  I can honestly say that I have watched my DVD’s about a 1000 times, depending on which mood I am in.

Since our American community is pretty small here, we all share and borrow each others DVD’s.  You find yourself watching movies and series you normally wouldn’t even care about, but since the choices are slim, you watch it anyways.  So, here it begins:  I just finished Season 1 of Alias and I am totally addicted!  I know this show is super old in the States (its been over for years now), but I am just watching it for the first time. Last night I watched the final episode of the season, and I am dying to start Season 2.  That’s the beauty of watching seasons on DVD’s.  You don’t have to wait.  No commercials!  No weeks off from writers strike! No summer hiatus!  Just episode after episode!  Its a thing of beauty.

Now that I am going to begin Season 2, I’m thinking back to the other shows I have watched here on DVD…Heroes, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Felicity, and now Alias.  I will admit that I’m not a huge fan of all those shows, but one of the first things I will do when I get back to the states is rent Season 6 of 24 (We only had 1-5).  And now who knows…the second thing might be to join the CIA!  I think I can totally be Sydney with a little training 🙂


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