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Showing Respect

I was coming home on the bus the other night, when I noticed this gentle little reminder of how to properly pay respect to the combat soldiers.  In Israel, as you might know, everyone is required to be in the army after high school for at least 2 years.  Some go on to attend college, some continue in the army but, but some remain as “non-combatant soldiers” doing such things as secretarial or clerical work etc. These guys are nicknamed, jobnik (as seen below).

When riding the bus, it is common respect and courtesy to give an elderly person or pregnant woman your seat if there are none available.  This sticker plays on that concept.  Basicly, its saying, Jobnik: show some respect and give up your seat for the real soldiers.

While it might not be the most politically correct notice you’ll see, the concept is clear:  Soldiers are the backbone of Israel, and are highly respected. [as they should be, considering what they face every day!] Its not an easy job, especially in light of where they serve.

Today in the States is Veterans Day, a day to show honor and respect to our veterans.  To all of you: Thank you!!! We don’t honor or respect you enough!



Imagine growing up in a country full of war and distress.

Imagine leaving your country in hopes of a life for you and your children.

Imagine traveling almost 2,000 miles across deserts, borders, trials, and dangers surrounding you in order for that life.

Imagine finally reaching your destination, only to be put in jail in order to receive asylum.

Imagine knowing you can not return to your home country, for if you do you will be killed because of where you were.

For over 5,000 Sudanese living in the country of Israel now, who have endured more tribulation in a year of travel than most of us will ever experience in our lifetime, they do not have to imagine it….they lived it!  Crossing illegally by means of desert from Egypt into Israel, these men and women have been shot at, lost family members on the way, been imprisoned, and now live in extreme poverty only to escape the perils of their own home country.  

Please join me as I begin to work alongside the Sudanese in Tel Aviv to bring a little light into their darkness.  Food distribution has already begun, and there are over 300 families coming to receive a weekly stipend.  I will also be starting a program for the children in the coming months….

Imagine living in a foreign country, and encountering HIM, the one who can change your life. Together we can make a difference.

Capturing Moments: War Tactics, Old City, Rhodes

Rhodes is full of history and war; inside the old city are remnants of that time….

and now a closer look……


Cease Fire…

Last night the cease fire command took effect at 2am, yet this morning missiles have continued to fall in Be’er Sheva sent by the Hamas. We are all hoping that this war will come to an end soon.  We are all ready for that!!!

A Prayer Under Fire

This was a song written by an Israeli musician about the war here with Gaza. The pictures and words are pretty powerful….

Inside The Hamas

This morning the war took another dramatic turn, as terrorists from Lebanon have joined in against Israel.  Now we have rockets coming at us from the south (Hamas) and the north (possibly Hizbullah).  Yet, I am still amazed at the response protesters are showing against Israel! Fox News recently reported an inside look into the Hamas organization, with a young man who was the son of one of the founders of Hamas.  He was to be the next in command of Hamas, until he had a life-changing experience.  

What he says about Hamas is incredible; I wish everyone could see this video.  Here is part 1 of 6.  I strongly encourage you to just take some time to watch the whole thing. Its an extremely important look into this war.  This war might be physically happening in the Middle East, but if you think it doesn’t affect you living elsewhere….think again!  

If you want to watch the rest of the segments, after Part 1 is finished, click on the Part 2 thumbnail.


Mediterranean Monday: Ashdod

ashdodToday’s Med Monday will be a bit different; I am going to tell my account of our trip to Ashdod yesterday.  If you haven’t been following the news, Ashdod is one of the cities in Israel that has been being bombarded with missiles from Gaza for over a week now.  Its located south of Tel Aviv along the Sea (only a 1/2 hour bus ride) and close enough to the Gaza border to become a target.  Most of the residents in Ashdod are new immigrants, lots of Russians and French Jewish descendants.

During the past week, as we watched the situation intensify, we decided to go to Ashdod to show some love to the people there.  I like to call it Project Light in the Darkness, because simply stated, thats what we went to be.  We bought candies, chocolates, ‘Eggs with Legs” (ask me later about that one), and small toys for children.  We all knew the dangers and the costs, but each one of us was willing and ready to go.  So, yesterday (Sunday) we met in the morning and not knowing what to expect, took a bus to Ashdod.

When we arrived we were told there had already been one missile, which hit an apartment building.  Apparently the red siren had not gone off, so they weren’t expecting anything and one lady was badly hurt.  There was hardly anyone on the streets, and it was pretty quiet, so we headed to a cafe that was owned by a friend of a friend.  Once we all sat down and got coffee things started rolling.  We didn’t even have to go out to the people, they came to us.  We met 2 dentists and talked with them for a while , with many other people coming to see what we were doing there.  We were even interviewed by the French newspaper and they took some pictures as well.  Its amazing how just a small gesture of love, like handing out candy and toys, can attract so much attention.

People were amazed that we would leave our comfort zone and enter into a war zone to do this.  All we would say when giving anything out was, “With love, from Tel Aviv.”  Then if they asked more, we would tell them how we just wanted to show our support, and remind them they are not alone.  Even though we have not been bombed in Tel Aviv, we are all in this together.

I am serious when I say that people’s countenance completely changed.  They were so grateful and appreciative, and we began seeing smiles in an area where none were shown.

Due to the war, all the schools have been closed for over a week and the children were at home for the most part.  We were able to visit a type of child care center in the Central Bus Station of Ashdod, where we gave out goodies and sang a few songs with the children.  It was great!  The director was beyond ecstatic 🙂

Coming home, we realized how blessed we were from this trip.  Its funny how when you start out with a mindset of blessing others, the amount of blessing you receive in return.  This was an unexpected treasure.  We were even blessed at the cafe when one of the dentists paid for our entire bill without us knowing. Amazing!

Thanks for your emails, messages, and prayers over this trip!!!!

Reality Check

I am sitting here, watching the news on TV, with all the coverage of the Israeli ground troops entering Gaza as I type: not only on the Israeli channels, but literally EVERY news channel from all around the world.  It’s starting to sink in that I am only 1 1/2 hours away from what is going on…

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