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Who’s right, who’s wrong?

We were discussing women and fashion during my Ottoman Empire class this week, while looking at some old newspaper cartoons of how fashion was expressed during the day, and what it meant as a cultural statement.  This one was my favorite, for various reasons, but for the most part it still holds true for today.

The way we judge others and their fashion/culture has not changed so much since the Ottoman Empire, and I might even be as bold as say that its gotten even worse.

This cartoon says it all!  Its translated from the original Arabic to English at the bottom, but you’ll notice that both the Muslim lady and the European one are basically saying the same thing to each other, without us knowing exactly who is saying what.

When was the last time you passed judgement on someone because they didn’t look or dress like you THINK they should? Do you realize that while you are passing judgement on them, they could just as well be passing judgement on you? This is dealing with much more than just fashion here…

Pink Ribbon Shop

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are pushes all over for women to get tests, support the cause, and participate.  I don’t have any family members who have suffered from Breast Cancer, but I do have friends who are survivors.  I think its awesome to see women coming together for the cause and even starting up an ‘Army of Women’ to find a cure.  

Being the online shopper that I am, I found a wonderful site that supports Breast Cancer Awareness with all their products.  If you are interested in checking it out please do…The Pink Ribbon Shop.  Help make a difference.

Plug of the month 🙂

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