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Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement and Bicycles

Tel Aviv. Not exactly the ‘holy city’ like Jerusalem and not exactly the quiet atmosphere of the Galilee…. but every city in all of Israel comes together for this day.

No public transportation. No personal vehicles allowed on any street.  No stores or businesses open…. nothing but a day of country-wide fasting…. and bike riding.

It’s traditional on Yom Kippur, because of the no-car rule, for everyone to ride their bicycles in the streets.  Here are a couple pics down on the beach road of good ol’ Tel Aviv.  I will admit it was kinda cool walking down the middle of the road with everyone else, not having to worry about traffic!

Yom Kippur

Although I am not Jewish, I am preparing for my return to Israel by observing today’s Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.  Every country I have been in I have celebrated/observed the holiday’s and traditions of that culture (within reason).  I think its important to dive into the culture, modeled after Hudson Taylor with his ministry in China.  So, today I am joining my Jewish friends in the observing of Yom Kippur.

A little background on the holiday.  Yom Kippur is known to us as the Day of Atonement, a day set aside to atone for all your sins from the past year.  It is traditionally the last day to show repentance and change your ways before the new year begins.  

Most non-practicing Jews observe Yom Kippur and even attend synagogue (sorta like many Christians who attend church on Christmas or Easter service).  Yom Kippur is a Sabbath… no working at all.  It is a day of complete fasting, eating and also drinking (water too).  Hard-core traditions do not allow washing and bathing as well (don’t worry….I won’t take it that far).

Now that you are caught up a bit you know what I will and will not be doing today.  I think the hardest will be abstaining from drinking anything at all, I mean come on…no coffee???

I will end on this note…  Thanks to Jesus, we can have Yom Kippur every minute of everyday (with the eating, drinking, and bathing too).  I am so grateful I can talk to my God whenever I need to 🙂 Have a wonderful Yom Kippur!!!

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