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Chanukah, Day 7: The Jewish Zebra


Chanukah is even celebrated in the bush of Africa!!! 🙂

My Mom’s Zebra

My mom thought I should have posted this before the messy room, so I better get on it.  I received a facebook message Sat. night from her saying that she was on a bike ride and saw a zebra in someone’s fenced-in yard with their horses.  At first I doubted and thought she was messing around, seeing a statue or something, but she was serious.  I mean, what is a zebra doing in West Michigan?  

Not that seeing a zebra for me is a big deal, I saw them all the time in Africa…heck, I had my own baby zebra, Kip,  living at my house for a while.  But they are supposed to live there, not here.  I just had to check this out!

On Sunday after church we all headed over to see this strange pairing, and there he was…grazing in the yard with the other horses.  An unexpected way to begin the week!

He looks a bit fatter than the African zebras. The economy must be better over here.


I came home yesterday to the most devastating news….our zebra had died. Apparently, during the day his heart-rate starting rising, and he wasn’t breathing well. He passed pretty quickly.

I don’t know why, but I took the news pretty hard. We had only had him for 2 days, but I was already getting really attached.

Loss is a difficult thing in life, even when life was so short.

My new pet….Zebra!


The most pecular things happen in Africa, I must say. A couple of nights ago we get this call from Animal Control saying that they had found a baby zebra almost dead by the side of the road. Apparently the mother was killed or such, but they were unable to take care of him….so they called us. (By us, I mean my landlord who has a animal shelter on our property.)

She immediately said to bring him over, and we would do what we could. So, he arrived…ambilical cord and everything…and now we have a baby zebra living at our house.

He is soooooo adorable and soft. I’ve already grown quite attached to him. Becuase zebras are used to living in herds and being around others all the time, this little guy needs lots of attention. When he came to us, he was barely living and looked so heartbroken. You could just see it in his eyes. He wasn’t eating, so he had to be fed via a tube. Now, he is standing up and walking around, after only 2 days!!!

The cutest thing happened yesterday. I had left my sliding door open and all of a sudden, in he walks! I mean…here I am having a baby zebra walking into my house!!! What are the odds!

Not too many people can say they have had a pet zebra, but chalk this one up to experience. Now I just need a good name…but I’m still working on that one.

I’ll keep you posted!

(The photo at the top is right outside my door, and the one on the bottom is when we got him, and he could barely stand up 😦


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