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Capturing Moments: A Mothers Love

My friend, K, sent me an email yesterday with 29 Pictures of the Year from National Geographic.  They were all AMAZING, of coarse, but these just really got me.  How ADORABLE is this:





Call of the Wild

On my trip to קיסריה (Cesaria), we were just looking around, exploring the ruins….when we came to the caves where they would keep the animals chained up before the Gladiator events.  As we were sitting in the entrance we heard a squeaking noise, so Dudu went to check it out.  

The squeaking was a whole-lot of bats getting it on in their bat cave!  Seriously, it was the middle of the day….shouldn’t they be sleeping or something?!?  

I don’t know why, but for some reason everywhere I go I manage to see animals in their mating rituals (In Botswana, I once had to literally drive around 2 donkeys who couldn’t even wait until they crossed over to the other side of the road!). Ostridges, donkeys, goats, lions, zebras, dogs, cats, birds, etc. and now bats!!!  Why me??? Its not something I necessarily want to see; but, if I’m gonna see it, I might as well get it on video…..hehehee.

Mediterranean Monday: Cats

It seems like each city has its fare share of stray animals.  In South America there are a lots of mutts running around everywhere; Africa too, along with donkeys, cows, and goats.  Well, here in Tel Aviv the number one animal lurking around each corner is a cat!  My goodness, they are seriously everywhere!  It doesn’t help much that everyone feeds them, so not only are there cats running around wild; but they are well-fed, fat ones (which translates to: not going to die anytime soon and quite able to add to their gang).

I guess the reason it bugs me so much is because I’m not a big cat person. Truthfully, these cats are not bothering me at all, and they actually tend to ignore me while I’m walking.  They don’t beg, they aren’t loud, and they don’t attack…….but still, there’s something I don’t like.  

Anyways, whether I approve or not, the cats are here to stay so if you are coming to visit anytime soon be ready to see hundreds of cats each and every day!


My Mom’s Zebra

My mom thought I should have posted this before the messy room, so I better get on it.  I received a facebook message Sat. night from her saying that she was on a bike ride and saw a zebra in someone’s fenced-in yard with their horses.  At first I doubted and thought she was messing around, seeing a statue or something, but she was serious.  I mean, what is a zebra doing in West Michigan?  

Not that seeing a zebra for me is a big deal, I saw them all the time in Africa…heck, I had my own baby zebra, Kip,  living at my house for a while.  But they are supposed to live there, not here.  I just had to check this out!

On Sunday after church we all headed over to see this strange pairing, and there he was…grazing in the yard with the other horses.  An unexpected way to begin the week!

He looks a bit fatter than the African zebras. The economy must be better over here.

Our New Family Members

My mom finally got her horses.  She’s wanted them since, well…forever.  She now has 2 horses, Tember and Chewy.  Chewy is still a baby, so he has some growing to do before anyone rides him; for now its only Timber we can ride.  The other day we tried him out, just to get him used to us and us to him.  Here are some pics:

And of course, Tasha (our dog) was making sure all was well, watching from outside the fence.

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