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Terrible Week Update

First of all I want to thank all of your for your encouraging comments and prayers!!! If you think leaving a short memo doesn’t help, think again!!! It soooooooo helped me get through the week!

Here’s a few updates on the situation from my last post:

1. The papers: I finished the most important one in 4 days!!! I still have 2 more to write, but the stress of writing them has lifted a bit.

2. My dog: Its been over a week since he disappeared, and I’m finally coming to terms that he probably won’t be back.  I still haven’t put away his food or water bowl, but my heart is healing from the loss.

3. The attack: I’ve actually had a couple of people offer to get me pepper spray and go with me to the police station to request a taser.

4: Hebrew/Arabic: I took my Final for Hebrew and I think I did ok.  It was difficult, but its over!!! Arabic is in a few weeks, so I’m still focusing on that.

This past weekend was a good one for me.  I spent time with friends, relaxed a little, and prepared myself mentally for what coming ahead.  I’m still a bit emotional, but then again…. I’m a GIRL!  That’s our thing, being a bit emotional 😉

Love all of you!!!!

Brain Blockage

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been writing much in the past month.  I could use all the excuses of being busy with work, school, life etc., (which are all true) but the biggest truth is this:

I just don’t know what to write!

I have NEVER had problems writing before; usually its a matter of what NOT to write.  But I’m suffering with a major brain blockage!

And the worst part is that its not just blogging…. its stemming from the THREE MAJOR PAPERS I have to write for school.  I’m down to my last few weeks, and sadly I must admit I haven’t started on ANY of them!

It’s not like I don’t want to.  I sit down to write and nothing comes.  I research topics I think about discussing and nothing feels right.

I’m Frustrated. Stressed. Annoyed. and most of all Wordless!

How do I get over this Brain Blockage????

2000 Comments: Friday Fun!

We reached the 2000 comment mark yesterday, so I decided to give the 2000th comment a little gift.  I’m excited to say that Mike Travis left the encouraging comment, so Mike: you will receive a Christmas gift directly from the place of HIS birth, Bethlehem!!! (I’ll be there for Christmas Eve again this year)

Thanks everyone, for all your continued support and encouragement!!!  Love hearing from you and staying connected via your comments!

Blogger Book Review: Reflections of God’s Holy Land

reflectionsSome time ago I became a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger (it was actually over a year ago).  The problem was this: I moved to Israel right after I joined.  The book that I was supposed to review came to my stateside address, but I was on the other side of the ocean.

A year later I was able to read this book and now here I am finally writing my review. The book is all about Israel (a topic I know quite well now), so I was actually anxious to read it with a perspective of someone who lives in the Holy Land.

I must admit that when I read Christian material on Israel I am often disappointed and frustrated….it isn’t always portrayed as how it truly is over here, but how it looks good for Christian fundraising efforts.  This book was different though!

Each section was broken down into three sections:

  • Did You Know?:  Facts and pictures about the area
  • Reflections: The authors personal reflections and journals regarding to times she was visiting that area
  • Verses and Biblical References to the Areas: This was just another little added feature that I personally enjoyed

Overall, I really enjoyed reading through the book, being able to personally relate to all the areas mentioned.  The pictures were great, and the reflections were wonderful.  This book would make  lovely coffee-table material!

(book written in collaboration by Eva Marie Everson and Miriam Feinberg Vamosh)

My 1st Guest Blogger Gig!

Today, I’m over here as a GUEST BLOGGER!  Yep, that’s right….my first gig as a guest blogger!

Not only am I excited for this cool opportunity, but I’m even more excited about WHY I was asked to be the guest. Here’s a little preview:

Do you remember life back in elementary school? (Some of you might have to think real hard!) 🙂

What were your favorite games? Who were your friends? What snacks did you like to eat?  Where did you hang out?

For me, growing up in a smaller-sized city in Eastern Michigan, I remember LOVING coming home after school… grabbing a snack… hopping on my bike…. and riding around with my friends.  Some days we would turn our garage into a roller rink and roller-skate around and around for hours, (With this info. you can probably age me easily).  In the winter, we would go out and play in the snow, building forts and having snowball fights.  Fall would mean lots of leaves, great for constructing huge piles in the yard and jumping in them.

Yes, I really have such fond memories of my childhood; but I have come to realize that in our world, growing up like that is one in a million. There are so many children who NEVER experience half the joys I had when I was young….

To read the rest, and find out the TRUE REASON for my presence as a guest blogger, click here.

Shameless Plug…

grandma1My grandma’s new book has just come out.  I say new cuz this is not the first book she has written, but it is the first one that has been available on big sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  We didn’t even know until my mom googled it and up popped all these sites where you can buy the book.

As I haven’t read it as of yet, I cannot properly give a book review…but I can say this: It’s my Grandma’s Book!  That’s all the review I need to give 🙂 Nevertheless, I will read it when a copy makes its way over the sea…

Here’s the cool thing.  My grandma sent my parents a bunch of copies to sell, and she said that ALL the proceeds will go to my mission. How amazing is that!!!  So, here’s the deal:  anyone who gives a donation of $20 or more to my mission will receive a copy of my grandma’s book!  OR if you just want to buy the book, the proceeds will go to my mission as well….its a win/win situation!

All the information to support me is under the Support Tab on my blog.  If you are interested in buying a book, let me know and I will put you in touch with my mom, who is handling all the orders Stateside.  

So, one last thing… I have to give a huge SHOUT-OUT to my Grandma!!!! Love you very much!!!

ps. now go out and get her book 🙂

Mediterranean Monday: Ulpan


My Ulpan Book

My Ulpan Book

You might have heard me mention going to Ulpan in other segments, so today I am going to explain what it is.  Ulpan is the educational center where you go to learn Hebrew.  Just like in regular schools, there are levels in which you learn. Since I was a total beginner, I started of in kita aleph (like a Kindergarten class).  I didn’t know how to read, write, speak, or even recognize the letters so we started off at the very beginning.  My class is Monday-Wednesdays, 8:am-1:pm…5 hours of intensity and brain drainage.

Ulpans are pretty unique to Israel in that they are the only institutions that offer Hebrew lessons.  It is the hub of foreigners, especially new immigrants just making citizenship.  The government actually pays for new immigrants to take Ulpan classes, in promoting the Hebrew language. In my class alone we are represented by many different countries: Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan, Italy, France, The US, Brazil, and I’m sure I’m missing a couple (but you get the point.)

One things I’ve loved about learning at Ulpan, along with the actual Hebrew language, has been the cultural aspects.  My teacher is so awesome in making sure we learn about every Jewish holiday that comes along, and Jewish traditions as well. She incorporates the history of the Jewish people (from the Torah) to the history of Israel.  We learn about different places within Israel and where to go and what to see.  We have learned songs that Jewish children learn growing up, and even had computer lessons to learn the keyboard. Overall, its been such a great tool for me.

I say this because this week is my last week of Ulpan!  I debated on whether to go on to the next level or not, but in the end I realized that I have all the tools I need….I just have to go out and start using them (aka: speaking in Hebrew)  I will miss going to Ulpan and especially my teacher (the best Ulpan teacher in the world!!!).  I have met some great people in my class and it will be weird not seeing them every week.  I owe a lot to my experience at Ulpan, and now I can officially say that I can read, write, and speak in Hebrew….and it can only get better!

Writers block….

Yesterday I sat down to write my lesson for Sunday and nothing came.  I sat and sat and sat, but still nothing. So, I decided to pick up a book and go in a new direction.  I had gotten this book in Cape Town called, Is There Anybody Out There?, so I decided to give it a try.  It is written by Mez McConnell, a missionary in Brazil working with street kids in Belem.  He grew up in England, and the book is his story….going from a child on the streets to a man trying to do something about it.  His story was amazing!  I couldn’t put it down.  He talks about his memories of being abandoned by his parents, physically abused, living on the streets, doing every type of drug, being in prison, and finally getting saved and called to missions.  His story is very real; he doesn’t sugarcoat anything….even with his feelings of Christianity and the church.

 I was overcome by emotion and passion as he shared from his heart, the struggle he still faces today.  As I finished the book (yes, I had to read the whole book in one sitting) I was reminded of that passion inside of me that sometimes gets tucked away with all the administrative aspects involved with my position.  The real reason why we are called to missions: the hurting people.  I realized that I can get so caught up with my own issues of hurt and pain, that others become the side-dish of my day.  It caused a great stirring inside of me, not only for my time here in Botswana, but for my future endeavors, wherever they lie.  If anyone is feeling like I was, and needs a little rejuvenation…find this book and read it.  I promise you, it will re-kindle any passion you ever felt in your life. It’s short and easy to read, and difficult to put down!  

So…..where am I on my writers block?  Today I sat down at my computer and cranked out my lesson for Sunday! Painlessly and effortlessly.     

My first blog

So, This is my first blog ever! I am going to try to do this on a regular basis, and post newsletters, thoughts, etc. but have patience with me please 🙂 Hope you enjoy and keep in touch!!!


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