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My (Dream) Tree Topper

Staying with the Star Wars Christmas Theme, I just wanted you all to know that I found my DREAM Christmas Tree Topper….

Soooo, if any of you are looking for last minute Christmas gifts to give me, “May the Force Be With You” as you search for my Future Yoda Tree Topper! 🙂

Modern Day Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread “houses” have come a looooong way since the beginning of their existence (whenever that was).  You all know I’m a huge Star Wars Geek, so when I saw this Gingerbread ‘creation’ I HAD to post it!

(photo from Flickr)

If I were going to build a Gingerbread Creation, I would definitely aspire to something like this.  What would you build????

Who LOVES Candy Canes???

Thanks to my sis’s facebook post the other day, I’ve had Candy Canes on my mind ever since.  Then my other sister commented about liking the Jolly Rancher Candy Cane, and I was like…. WHAT!?! I’ve never even heard of that type of Candy Cane!

There are SOOOOO many new flavors of Candy Canes out there, and being away means I’ve been slacking on my Candy Cane Flavor knowledge.  I think the classic Peppermint Candy Cane might even be on the bottom of people’s flavor lists now.

I looked online to see what I’ve been missing and WOW! There’s a lot out there:  Hershey’s Chocolate Mint Canes (which sound amazing by the way), Starburst Strawberry Canes, Jolly Rancher Smoothie Canes, Sweet Tart Canes, Gobstopper Canes, Root Beer Canes, Cinnamon Canes, Butterscotch Canes ….. the list goes on and on.

So, I’m curious to know: What is your favorite Candy Cane Flavor??? Any Classic Peppermint Red/White Striped Lovers Still Exist?? It’s my Official Christmas Poll, so don’t be shy…..

(I’ll start it off: my favorite flavor is the Blueberry Flavored Cane with the Dark Blue/Light Blue stripes that leave you with a lovely shade of blue tongue and lips)

2 1/2 More Weeks!

Only 2 1/2 weeks until Christmas?!?


These past couple weeks have been BRUTAL on me, and quite frankly, I’m ever-so-happy to see them behind me!  I’ve been baking and hosting like crazy, and this past weekend was our big Help Portrait Tel Aviv Event.  All this to say that I’m ready for you, Christmas even if you aren’t showing yourself anywhere in my world!

Help Portrait Tel Aviv 2010



Candy Cane Christmas Cookies


My Christmakkah

Friday Foto Flashback: Dec. 2003. Rio de Janeiro

I like fun, new categories to play around with so I’m gonna give it a try.  Some foto’s will be recent flashbacks…. and some not so recent!  Here’s one from my teaching days, back at ICS Rio.  This was the night of our School Christmas Program, me with my 5th graders.  (Who are now Juniors/Seniors!!!) Fun times 🙂

2000 + years later….

Its becoming a new tradition for me to spend Christmas Eve in Bethlehem…this was my 2nd year trekking across the border for the festivities.  Its crazy to try to imagine how it was back then, compared to now; but my mind wandered back to the night when HE was born (standing on the same ground will do that do you).

This year there were TONS of people there.  I think the fact that the weather was nicer this year, brought out more locals (and by locals, I mean Men.  Women were few and far between).  As I stood looking toward the crowd, I thought, “and what a contrast to the few animals that were there to witness his birth..”

I had other moments that took me back.  Moments of, “I can’t believe I’m seeing this here” like the infamous STARS and BUCKS coffee shop (close enough to attract Starbucks lovers, but not close enough to break any infringement rights).  Can you imagine if Mary was like, “Oh, Stars and Bucks!!!” We traveled all this way, I could really use a cup of Stars and Bucks coffee to get me through this…” hehehe. (ok, well even if Mary wouldn’t have been excited, I sure was)

And of course, we all have this nice little image of what it was like that night… in a cute little manger, surrounded by the shepherds, wise men, donkeys, sheep, and the shining star on top.  I’m sure our pop culture plays a big part in that; but as I stood, posing next to the famous “nativity scene” in front of the Arab Christian tourist shop I actually took a moment to imagine what it was really like that night.

More or less, likely in a small cave or some sort…cold…smelly…dark…birth-pains…

This is how our Savior was born.

And I was humbled.

For as I looked all around me, 2000 + years later, I saw an extreme of opposites surrounding me.  Now versus then.

But ONE thing remains the same: The REASON!  His LOVE remains the same both then and now.  He came for them; He came for us.  He died for you; He died for me. No matter how much our world changes, for better or worse, this one constant will remain the same….and I love HIM even more today than yesterday.

Bethlehem is a wonderful place to be on Christmas Eve, and I hope the tradition continues for years to come, but the location is just that…. a location.  What matters is what’s in our ❤!  That is the truth of Christmas!  Much love to all of you, from my beloved Bethlehem!

(and wouldn’t it be fun to join me next year!?!)

My gift backup plan…

I know that I said all I want for Christmas this year is for my to-be husband to come along, but a girl’s got a right to modify that list.  What I ALSO want (and have wanted for some time now) is a dog.  Not just any dog, but this one:

I mean, come on! How FREEKIN adorable is he???

He’s a teacup maltipoo.  While its true, I love big dogs, I also understand that they are not apartment dogs, and I would not want to subject them to a small, confined space. But, this dog is PERFECT for an apartment.  They even fit nicely in your giant purse!

So until my #1 gift comes along, I will gladly accept my #2 gift 🙂  R u coming Santa???

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